A high-quality custom costume making business, mostly focused on mascots and cosplay Saltyseasadness's work has been seen at places like Mascot Hall of Fame and many conventions across the country!

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Base prices are based upon a character with 1 to 2 colors, a default of black lining, and little to no markings.Heads - $740+
Partial - $890+
Includes Head, paws, and tail. Can include arm sleeves and feet paws for extra.
4 finger hand paws - $185+
5 finger hand paws - $125+
Handhooves - $180+
Feetpaws - $300+
Tail - $65-$175+
Armsleeves - $65+
¾ suit - $1,720+
Bodysuits - $1,130+
Full body suits - $2,470+
Our costume prices widely vary based on many factors. Consider some of these things while asking for a quote:
-What is my costume being used for?
-How frequently is it going to be worn?
-Does the product I am looking for have many colors and patterns?
Providing concept art is key to getting an accurate price and idea of what you want. Check the Frequently Asked Questions section if you aren't sure you understand how it works. The home page has contact formation for a proper quote.

terms of service

1. Contract
Only people above the age of 18 can order from saltyseasadness as minors cannot agree to contracts. Do not message saltyseasadness if you do not plan to go through with the commission. Anything agreed upon in messages is binding on the contract.
2. Measurements
Depending on what you order, measurements will have to be taken, or require a duct tape dummy (D.T.D.). Ask saltyseasadness if you're unsure about needing one. Measurements are always required for every part order.
This video here shows how you should do it. If you have another way of wanting to do it, please ask about the method first. - you do not need to stuff the D.T.D. as you're just shipping it out anyway. It's cheaper and easier to leave it unstuffed. Do not cover holes like the head opening. You would also need to do your whole body besides the head and hands. If you plan to have multiple wearers, it is best to make a D.T.D. of the larger wearer.Saltyseasadness is not responsible for parts that do not fit when given incorrect measurements or a poorly made D.T.D. It is recommended to not commission if you plan to lose or gain weight so the costume still fits.3. Payments
Saltyseasadness takes both payment plans and takes full payment. Please discuss with saltyseasadness your financial situation and see how you would like to sort out payments. We do not take payment plans on parts under $250. They must be paid in full.
4. Shipping
Saltyseasadness is not responsible for any items lost in the shipping process as the package will no longer be in our hands. We will try our best though, to get the item back in your hands. If possible, we will refund you if there is no chance of getting the item back. We are also not responsible for shipping costs. We ship through USPS and FedEx. The client can choose which company we go with if they are within the United States.
International buyers will have their packages shipped with FedEx. International shipping can take as long as a month which is not our responsibility. Shipping costs may have to be calculated after purchase for an accurate price.5. Cancellations
*Please avoid canceling at all costs! We are not responsible to give you the money you may suddenly need for bills, health issues, etc.
As materials are expensive and take up the majority of the costs, we cannot offer a refund for everything once the project is started and materials are ordered. We do not offer refunds for small parts or heads. Saltyseasadness can offer a full refund for such if materials were not ordered yet.As for full-body mascots or partial mascots, 35% of the price cannot be refunded if items were already ordered. Once the duct tape dummy has been received and we are over 35% of the way done with the full-body costume, work cannot be canceled.6. Returns
Saltyseasadness does not take returns for suits unless you need your suit repaired or refurbished. (Refer to the "Repairs" section if you need anything repaired.)
7. Repairs
Saltyseasadness will take small repairs for costumes as long as shipping is paid for. This includes popped or ripped seams. A costume refurbishment will cost much more and will vary based on what needs to be done on the costume. Ask saltyseasadness about refurbishments.
8. Deadlines
Saltyseasadness can work with most deadlines. We will need a warning ahead of time. These are the times that will be needed corresponding to the costume part order. The costume also must be fully paid for.
Mascot/cosplay parts, refurbishments, props: One month in advance¾ and full costumes: Three months in advanceDepending on how close or far the deadline is, it will cost extra. If the deadline was not met and you were charged a fee, you will be refunded the fee cost.9. Character Concept Art
Saltyseasadness requires a digital copy of the concept art of your character/costume/prop. We may need multiple angles on your concept, depending on how complex the design is. Most designs will require 2-3, especially if it is a more complex request. If you do not have a reference, you can commission saltyseasadness for one. If you need one, discuss this with saltyseasadness.
Saltyseasadness is also willing to create a design if you do not have one in mind. You're free to leave a description of what you want such as colors or patterns.10. Design Changes
Please refrain from changing anything big from the original design. We do allow small changes. For example, adding a couple more stripes on a mascot costume than originally planned. We are free to change the price if the changes are what you as the client would like. Get the reference sheet corrected if you need something changed as mistakes can be made. Please WARN US before materials are ordered. Design changes cannot be made after materials are ordered.
We will send you many photos and ask if you would like changes before moving forward with the process. If you say you are fine with how everything looks and want things changed later on, it will not be fixed as it was approved at an earlier time. If it needs to be changed, then it will be an extra fee.11. Costume Usage
Saltyseasadness needs to know some of the things you intend to use your costume for. For example, if your costume is a mascot for a school, then the suit will need to be built differently than a costume that is only being used for a holiday, due to one being used much more frequently and on a different range of surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive?
Remember, the materials to create costumes are expensive and you are also paying for labor and the amount of time a costume takes to create.
Why shouldn't I buy a cheap costume online? What's the point in spending thousands on a costume from you?
Those $400 costumes you see upon searching "mascot costume for sale" are often ripoffs, poor quality, and can be copyright territory. Please watch this video to be educated on this topic.
Even ordering custom costumes from other companies are often overpriced for what you get. We noticed when doing refurbishments the owner often overpaid for a very low-quality product that breaks within months of arrival. You deserve quality!
How long has saltyseasadness been making costumes?
On and off since October 2016.
Where is saltyseasadness located?
Northeast Ohio.
What is concept art?
Concept art in the costume world is an art piece that conveys an idea of what you are looking for to the creator. The more specific, the better!
What does my concept art require?
A piece of concept art requires at least 2 views of the costume part you're looking for. This link explains very well how mascot concept art works We do it very similarly!
You may require more than 2 views if your character is more complicated. Please leave notes if you think some aspects of the costume could be easily missed.
If you need a reference sheet, you can commission saltyseasadness for one, or search for artists that know costume reference sheets.
Why aren't you always open for commission work?
There is one person behind saltyseasadness. One can only take on so much work at a time. The link to the current costume queue can be seen here.
Can I order new parts another time?
Yes, but you may need to send the other costume parts back to make sure of things like the fabric colors matching, the sizing, and how the costume goes together. We want to ensure that your costume looks good and fits well.